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We are an international chemical company dedicated to the innovative development and sales of industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.

ABOUT US  Grandachem ltd.
GRANDACHEM LTD. is a leading supplier and service provider of chemicals. We have been actived in distributing and exporting chemicals for many years, with our expertise in some specific areas, we have been offering our customers with excellent service. And enjoy good reputation in overseas market.
Our business line includes:
1. Epoxy industrial Chemicals
2. Polyurethane(PU) and Spray Polyurea Elastomer(SPUA) Chemicals
3. APIs
4. Agrochemicals and Intermediates
Address: 11/F, NO.59, North Hubin Rd, Xiamen, China
Tel: +86-592-5333280 / 5333279
Fax: +86-592-5333231 / 5322978
E-mail: silvia@grandachem.com
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